Denturite is Gone… Now what?

Howdy folks!

I have seen that you can find and buy Denturite for approximately $50 a box.  Are any of you buying it?  Have you tried some of the Denture Reliner Kit alternatives out there?  If so, which ones?

Are you trying:
Acryline 2
Perma Soft
Or other denture reliner kit?

Please reply to this message with your favorite denture reliner kit.

Loose Dentures? Try using a Denture Reliner Kit!

Howdy folks!

Do you have trouble with Loose Dentures? Have you thought about using a Denture Reliner Kit?

Many people have found success with a soft denture liner that relines your dentures without having to go to the dentist! Many people claim that their dentist ends up using an over the counter denture reliner kit such as Acryline 2 or Perma Soft anyway. If you have been looking for Sea Bond Denturite, it has been discontinued and there are a couple of alternatives that are a great replacement to denturite.

Next week we will be discussing the pros & cons of the products and have you decide which works best for you.

Please feel free to post a comment below on your favorite denture reliner kit that replaces denturite:

Denture Reliner Kit Prices

Denture Reliner Kit Prices:

Ok, so I have done some research and here are the approximate costs for various Denture Reliner Kits:

Acryline 2 – $20.00
Perma Soft II – $29.00
Weber Denture Liners – $25.00

Please let us know if you have found any better pricing out there so we can pass that information on to everyone else!

Denturite Replacements?

Howdy Folks!

Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year.

So I have been surfing the web and I started this website because I have noticed that there are so many conflicting reasons as to what a good alternative is to Sea Bond Denturite.

In summary, the best Denturite Replacements are:
– Acryline 2 – Denture Reliner Kit
– Perma Soft II
– Originals by Weber
– DIY Liner Kit
– COE Denture Liner

On my next post, I will discuss pricing and pro/cons.

Please feel free to post your comments on what you have tried below!

Where did Denturite Go?


I have heard many different reasons for why Denturite is gone.

Some Questions for our readers:
1) What are the reasons that you have heard?
2) What other Reliners have you tried?  How did it go?
3) Can anyone still find Denturite anywhere?

Benefits of Denture Liners

Howdy Folks!

So here are some of the benefits of Denture Reliner Kits:
1) Reline your dentures at home.
2) Less expensive than going to the dentist repeatedly.
3) Quick, Easy and affordable.
4) No Soggy Pastes or Powders.
5) Firm Custom Fit.

What are some of the reasons you prefer Soft Denture Reliner Kits?